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Oolong And Puar - Dragon Ball Chara ~1. 5 Mini Figure Strap (japanese Imported)

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Oolong And Puar

I actually liked that the toy has the feature of contains small part and is for age 13 or up only. designed and marketed for the japanese market. imported from japan. The Dragon Ball Z toy is 1.5" Height. Shopping for a Oolong And Puar . To find the best deal on this product in addition to other toys, visit our affilate link on this site.


Dragon Ball fans take notice -- celebrates the reside action movie with this classic series of Dragon Ball character mini figure cell phone straps. The series is created up of 7 keychains (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY) : Goku, King Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar, Shenron, and Yamcha. 5 ". Each strap also consists of a translucent Dragon Ball! Just like several U. S. products, it''s developed in China. To order individual figures from the series, search for: T9899999966845, T9899999966838, T9899999966821, T9899999966814, T9899999966807, T9899999966791, and T9899999966784. Imported from Japan. The size of the mini figure is about 1. Designed and marketed for the Japanese marketplace. To order a complete set, search for: T9899999966777. NOTE: Due for the unique style of each figure, the actual size from the figure could be bigger or smaller than stated. Contains tiny component and is for age 13 or up only.


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