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Casual Son Goku - Dragon Ball Z Kai Scultures Tenka Budouki Zankei Champion Figure

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Casual Son Goku

I think you will love that it features this feature of size approx. 7" tall (measure from top of head to bottom stand). Additional features include one time production run, limited quantity and minor assembly required. The toy dimensions are 7"H x 2.5"L x 2"W. If you need a great deal on this Dragon Ball Z toy, check out the market link below.


Model: 47639
Package Quantity: 1

In Dragon Ball, Goku trains himself in various martial arts and searches the planet for the eponymous Dragon Balls. He meets other characters with similar goals, like Bulma, with whom Goku travels to find the Dragon Balls. Goku is depicted as carefree and aloof when at ease but rapidly critical when fighting. Goku is able to concentrate his chi and use it for energy-based attacks, essentially the most prominent being his signature Kamehameha in which Goku launches a blue energy wave from his hands. As Goku matures, he becomes one particular of Earth's strongest warriors and protects it from villains who wish to harm it.


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